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Academic Year:

The academic year begins in September and ends in June.  The school days are Sunday through Thursday.  The regular school timings are from 7:15 AM to 2:00 PM (Qatar Standard Time).  The first week of September is devoted to the study of the programs, preparation of semester plans, participation in professional development workshops, and all the necessary procedures before the students' arrival.  Each student and teacher is important in creating our community.

Administration and Faculty:

MIS has a faculty and administration dedicated to the highest standards of achieving academic excellence and is committed to diversity.  The administration is a clearly defined workable organizational structure whereby the goals and objectives are carried out.  Mastery of academic-required fields, professional qualification and development of staff through continuous workshops and training sessions are incorporated in the school system.

 MIS has a well-qualified staff that effectively fulfills its responsibilities.  It oversees that the school policies, as well as mission and vision, are applied in and out of the classrooms, and the real task of the Administration/School Leadership is to make a coherent, effective, working unit out of a large number of teachers and students and to maintain its international standards.


Current Data of MIS:

MIS continues to grow each year at a rapid pace.  The school caters to students from K – 12.  It now has over 900 students of, at least, 45 different nationalities.  The faculty and administration are presently drawn from 20 different countries.  MIS accepts students and staff of all nationalities, religion and race.

Educational Program:

Based on the American curriculum, MIS specifically follows the K -12 California curriculum standards.  The core subjects are Language Arts/English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and in addition to Foreign Language, a variety of non-core/Elective subjects like Music, Arts, Physical Education, Computer Studies are offered.  The program also includes newly announced courses like Economics, Qatar History, Business Studies and Values Education.  Early childhood care is consistent with the overall development of a preschooler, with teaching focused on the KG student needs.  The American curriculum covers all lessons/materials in depth and MIS, being a college-preparatory school, prepares the student comprehensively, leading to a high school diploma upon completion of grade 12.

MIS does take into consideration the textbooks and supplementary educational materials from American publishers.  It believes that the core curriculum should be the best.  Extra-curricular activities in athletics and clubs, social and educational aspects also add to the growth of every learning child in school.

MIS PTO / Parent Community:

The MIS Parent Community also supports ideas and participates actively with teachers in some areas of the school program.

Student Services:

MIS identifies the needs, interests, attitudes and goals of all students with adequate educational, personal, social, and career guidance.  Services extend from mastery learning throughout and include library, computer labs, science labs, physical education facilities, social clubs, and extra-curricular activities.


We at MIS feel that it is very important to use the core activities concentrating on the student-centered learning.  MIS is an equal opportunity employer and an institute of learning that pursues the principles of both universal education and democracy among the student population. 



School Year 2017 – 2018

Grade Levels:

American Curriculum


(as of September 1, 2017)

Grade Level Equivalency:

British / Australian Curriculum








Year I

1st year Infant


Grade 1


Year 2

2nd year Infant

Grade 2


Year 3

Junior 1

Grade 3


Year 4

Junior 2

Grade 4


Year 5

Junior 3

Grade 5


Year 6

Junior 4


Grade 6


Year 7

Secondary 1

Grade 7


Year 8

Secondary 2

Grade 8


Year 9

Secondary 3


Grade 9


Year 10

Secondary 4

Grade 10


Year 11

Secondary 5

Grade 11


Year 12*

Secondary 6

Grade 12


Year 13*

Secondary 7


* Sixth Form, A / AS Level, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge Pre-U, etc.



vThe above grade level equivalency will be strictly followed.


vMIS accepts all students from ages 4 to 18, in accordance with the appropriate grade level as well as previous school records.



vStudents coming from a curriculum, other than an American curriculum or equivalent grade level system will not be considered for admission, if there are any discrepancies.



vPlease note that parents are obligated to inform MIS if their child has any special needs.