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Welcometo MIS’ Early Childhood Development Center!


Our Kindergarten Department is located on the main campus.

Middle EastInternational School (MIS) has developed an independentfaculty, for children ages 4 to 6.  Theteaching staff is highly qualified in developing and implementingtechniques, toensure and promote positive development and a head-start for thefuture of our youngscholars.


The KindergartenAge Guidelines:



4+ years


5+ years



American Curriculum  (Harcourt instructionalstandards and resources)


Areas of specialization and focus ofdevelopment:


Developing a sense of one’s self; Self-esteemand Confidence

Pro-social Behavior

Language Development

Listening and Speaking

Reading and Writing

Cognitive Development (Math and all subject matter)

Learning and Problem-solving

Logical Thinking

Physical Development

Gross Motor; Large muscles used for coordination

Fine Motor; Small muscles used for writingdevelopment